{a inspirational find...}


I was lucky enough to visit Jenny Sweeney's little shop yesterday, where, after going to Bali with Anahata, she carries a lot of Papaya! stuff....which includes a few Sabrina Ward Harrison prints. I don't think the line's been "officially" released, but I got this gem to hang on my studio wall. You have no idea how amazing it is to look up from my journal and see this hanging there.

I also grabbed Papaya!'s 2010 weekly planner. Mmmm...More eye candy! And because of how much I spent, I got a cute assortment of Jenny's notepads and cards!

Here's some of Jenny's new artwork on Anahata's blog; seeing these in person is amazing, and I love this new direction she's going in. I'm so lucky to have such a talented artist living right here near me!


It got me working in my journal, experimenting with new colors and techniques. Does anyone else find that Zinc White smells a bit? I never really have used it, but it came in the pack of colors I bought, so I decided to try it out. I like what it DOES, just am uncomfortable using something that smells, considering I get it all over my hands. Help?

Thank you everyone for your comments regarding my last post, more specifically, me possibly writing a book! Hearing things like that really gives me a creative boost, and I'm seriously considering it, now! So thanks!

This week's vid will be Coptic Binding. I need a new journal, as my current one is about a week or so from being finished, and when I get this close to finishing one, I have to bind, bind, bind! I also have a cool idea for a file folder journal I want to share with you.

For now, I send to you my love and creative vibes!