{Points of Two week #6: to-do lists! & WISH workshop preview video}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

This week's assignment: since Roben-Marie and I are so busy and like lists, we incorporated our To-Do lists into our journal page. Which we did fast. And then crossed it off and moved on! It's a busy time for both of us!

week 6: to-do lists!


I've been having fun with a new evolution of my style, more paint and collage. I'm going from complete mess to structured mess. I swear, it's the scrapbookers. They're slowly moving me to their side!

I have one of those Moleskine planners with a page for every day, and on Saturdays, I write in everything I need to get accomplished the next week. The key to me actually getting a lot done is micro-movements; each task is split into bite-sized pieces that I can do without getting overstimulated or tired. Thanks, SARK!

So I put a copy of my to-do list in the center and collaged around it. And colored in my doodles. And admitted I like crossing things off. Look, I'm crossing off posting this blog entry off today's list. See? Smooth line right there. Ahhh...makes me feel so productive!

I used liquid acrylics, found papers, stencils, and watercolor crayons. Oh, and a big Sharpie, cause it's fun!

Here's Roben-Marie's page. Head to her blog to get the story behind it.


I've also read your comments for yesterday's post -- I didn't get them emailed to me for some reason, and had no idea so many people had commented! I'll reply asap. But I thank you for them!

So, as requested, a preview video for the WISH Journal Workshop.


I'm off! Have a wonderful weekend!

{points of two week #5: around the house. i found a dreamcatcher from 5th grade.}


Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

This week, our assignment was to find something around the house that had special meaning to us.

My object was a dusty purple dreamcatcher. My best friend Nancy gave it to me, and -- oh, click on the image above to get it big enough for you to read my story. I really should go on Facebook to find her, but I'm sure she's either a. married by now, or b. I'm totally spelling her long last name wrong. Could be either. I'm banking on b.

For this page, I decided to just PLAY. And I put a scrapbooking paper up there under the blue paint, a big chunk of paper, and I hated it. So I painted over the whole thing and wrote with ink just to be sure it was covered to my liking.

The photo came out really white, so I blended it the best I could with white paint. After that, I started putting down random scraps, and used the water in my cup and some leftover glaze from the first layer to tune down the stark white of the little placecard thingy I wrote on. Used my finger and the last of the paint to smush all over the scraps and tie them in to the whole page. Overall? I like it. And the photo totally blends, so extra points for me!

Here's Roben-Marie's page. Head on over to her blog for her story.

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It's a fun & easy technique based class that has you playing with collage, getting paint on your fingers, and binding your very own journal. If you're new to journaling, it's easy to follow and will help you get the jump start you need. And if you're an old hat at journaling, there are edits and additions that will help make the journal purely your own.

Tons of videos, a detailed PDF, and support from yours truly. And all for $20! Get the details at the link above or as away in the comments. Class starts 2/22/10, but you can sign up at any time!