Journal Girl stamps have arrived!

Here’s a special day-early event just for you, my loyal readers & subscribers!

My stamps are here!!!

(Please excuse my exsesive use of exclamation marks!)

I am SO happy to be able to finally offer these to you! They were designed with art journalers in mind. They’re all cling-mounted rubber so you can use them with your existing acrylic block, but get the durability of rubber! And they’re cut out (unless you order the unmounted sheet of all of them, of course!).

Want to grab your own? Go on over to the Paperbag Studios shop to order yours!

Give-Away #1:

Mashed Potato Cloud Stamp + Date Stamp + Goodies from me! 

Give-Away #2

Sunshine Girl Stamp + Goodies from me!

Want to enter to win some stamps and goodies from me? Here’s how!

Simply leave a comment on THIS blog entry telling me what you’d love to do with these stamps. Are you going to journal? Make cards? Have you been inspired to create something already?

All comments must be submitted by 12pm on Friday, November 4, 2011 to be counted. Winners will be selected via random number generator.


{i need a little help, a bit of feedback, and some new focus}


I have always dreamed of developing a postcard set from my artwork. The hardest part, my friends, is picking out what to use! Above is a preview of the new Girls Postcard Set I hope to have available soon. But I need your help -- I already KNOW I love it -- and your opinion. What do you think? Does this seem like a good set? Would you rather see another image here instead? Straight or rounded corners?

(The upper left one is a journal page I recently created after an uplifting email from my dear friend Roben-Marie. She keeps me sane and grounded!)

Soon, I'll show you the first Journal Pages Postcard Set that will be printed at the same time as the Girls one.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog, and what I mean to do with it. I created this blog to fill a gap I found on the internet -- the lack of blogs about art journaling -- but have found the gap has really, really shrunk. So I'm trying to revise my original vision and aim not only for blogging, but in everything I present. I want to teach! I want to show you all new things! I want to foster budding relationships with journals and this intimiate art form!

In revising things, I hope to narrow my focus and bring more captivating and helpful content. I've gotten feedback so far asking for more pages, which I can totally do! But my artistic yearnings are also growing into paintings and printed matter and such, and I'll need to adapt things to fit that.

One of the great things that's come from this new postcard project has been sitting down and looking through my Flickr achieves. I originally got the account to post photos from my trip to Japan, and soon put up artwork, so my beginnings can be seen there!

1. moleskine-1, 2. DSC07002, 3. DSC08194, 4. queen faerie, 5. squares, 6. memory, 7. Bird, 8. Tiny King, 9. Which Path?, 10. free yourself, 11. Doodle Page, 12. Fun!, 13. Uncertainty, 14. lessons, 15. kira and the terrible, horrible day, 16. De-Vine Mystery, 17. flower child, 18. new journal!, 19. a better version of me, 20. pink and red, 21. why do I need feet?, 22. I am..., 23. Happy Fall, 24. inner peace, 25. divinity, 26. broken places, 27. 27/365: fractured reality/grace under pain, 28. moments, 29. :: life vs. love ::, 30. half-wing, 31. green and red, 32. lighthouse, 33. title page, 34. girltodo, 35. betterinmonths, 36. birds

Four and a half years of journals. Yes, I've only been doing this that long! And I feel I've only just come out of my shell and created art I love in the last two or three journals. I wanted to show you my journey so you can chart your own and see we all have to start somewhere!

I'm back at twitter and will be using the account to get your feedback and send out words of encouragement. 

More journal pages coming right up, along with a bookbinding video! I have three commissions I'm finishing up and will be filming the process. As one is a gift, I still have three slots left for your own custom-made art journal, perfect for the upcoming new year!

{OOOPS is okay!}

walking -- journaled

After doing this journal page (on one of my journal jumps released last week), I figured out what I was going to film for this week's video.

So, I sat down, aligned the camera, and started doing my thing. I got totally into it, singing along to the music playing in the background. It was a little hard to write from an angle, but the handwriting looks really cool, so yay!

But when I finished and looked up at the display, it was flashing TAPE END. OH NO! When did the tape end? How much of my doodling did I get? Will it still work as a vid?

It cut off the rest of me writing, but you get all the drawing! And coloring! Oh, the hazards of making vids....

I've been so busy with online stuff, life stuff, scanning-for-the-zine stuff, I haven't painted in DAYS. I spend all this time in the studio, but never get my hands messy. Sometimes, the life of an artist is administrative, not creative, but it's killin' me. In order to create more, I need to do more, but then I'm not creating! At least I worked in my journal today. Isn't that what really matters?