Evolution of a Digital Art Journal Page...

I decided the other night to take some screen shots as I was working on a digital art journal page. I've been posting them nightly to my Instagram account, but didn't want to overwhelm the blog with all this digital work -- I do so much more, like paintings, traditional pages, sketching, patterns, talismans, jewelry, resin casting....iPhoto is chuck-full of pictures to post! Have you noticed how much more I've been sharing, hrmm? 

When working digitally, I pull in all sorts of elements, from photos of older journal pages to found papers and "stencils" I've made! I work mostly in Procreate and use a Sensu stylus/brush (but don't pull out the brush very often!). The more you work with any tool & app, the better you get, so keep playing!


I'm planning out an e-course for digital art journaling...are you in?