{a clean clean studio}

After a truely difficult and emotionally trying weekend, I hit Monday with both feet. While much was accomplished in the beginning of the day, I began to feel air hit those raw emotional nerves and threw myself into cleaning up the studio.


My big canvas has a home, now, and a new one's up in the "Painting Spot" ready for a sketch to be transferred. This is my desk/packing area, formerly where the computer sat. That's my journal, there, and my copy of The Red Book on my book pile (along with Christine's 'Ordinary Sparkling Moments').


I even emptied out al the drawers and cleaned everything up! Really got into everything and got rid of all the stuff I haven't used in six months.


Working on restocking my Etsy shop, I cut out images and set them with charms to make some new art pendants. Which is fun, yes, but the fumes, for some reason, give me a headache and make me veryvery tired. *sigh* Of course, it didn't help that the glass cracked on three of the five pendants...! We think it's because I had the window open, so the air was cold in my studio, and so it would go from really hot from the soldering iron to chilly. Hrmm.

Which made me totally dejected, since now I have to re-make those three, and I like getting everything done at once, since my head and tummy hurts. And things have gotten really tight in KiraLand, so I need to make things and restock.


So, of course, I got a bit of journaling in before TV time!

And that's been my day. ;)